Why choose Ian Mono?

Music lover for over 25 years, music producers for over 10 years and mastering engineer for over 2 years. Trained by world leading mastering engineer Friedemann Tyschmayer. Always aiming to become better at my craft and always willing to achieve the best end result possible for my clients. Communication is key in this process and client satisfaction is guaranteed!

I can master any genre of music but I’m a expert in electronic rhythm based music like house and techno.


  1. Very satisfied with the mastering of Pim! The track sounds full and got exactly the sound I want. He also helped me out with his feedback regarding the mix of the track which was very helpful. Beside the technical part, Pim is super easy to work with and works very efficiently. Thanks!

    Nadia Struiwigh

    Denovali / CPU Records / DFA Records

  2. Great service and what I personally always value high: great communication. The mastering of my track was great and 2 Ton Mastering even gave me with two options to choose from.


    Rosedale Records

  3. Do you want to have a good quality master and a fast & easy service I sure recommend 2Ton Mastering.



Mixing and Mastering Services Price list

  • One stereo track: € 100

  • One track based on stems (max 16 stems): € 400

  • One track mixing only: € 800

  • Attended session (2 hours): € 200

Feel free to send an e-mail if you have special needs and like custom quote!

All options include:

  • Any shortcomings in the pre-master will be given as suggestion to correct for an ideal mastering end result.

  • High-resolution *.wav file per song

  • A *.wav file ready for distribution (aggregators, bandcamp, etc.)

  • A polished song which can compete with other commercial songs.

  • Removal of any resonance frequencies.

  • Processed with the best digital and analog tools available.

  • If needed I can provide multiple versions (radio edit, instrumental, optimized for streaming platform, vinyl etc..)

Prices are in EUR and subject to EU VAT.


All the work is done in a professional acoustically treated studio room. The Kii Three’s with BXT extensions are used for monitoring. Processing of the material is being done most of the time in the box and can be complemented with a advanced analog chain based on SPL (Vitalizer and Iron) depending on the material. For conversion to this analog chain a high-end Hilo Lynx AD/DA converter is being used. To keep a eye on the music I use Pinguin Meter and MAAT meters. In the box I like to use plugins made by Universal Audio, Slate Digital, Ozone, Fabfilter, Leapwing, Brainworx, Oxford and many many more. Presets are never used. Every case is 100% human operated and tailored from start to finish.

How to Order

Send an e-mail to to discuss your project.

Before sending any files, make sure it

  • A stereo .wav/.aiff file that’s 24-bit, 44.1KHz at least

  • Check your tracks at the beginning and ends so there are no missing reverb tails or transients

  • Remove any limiters, maximizers, stereo imagers or compressors on your master bus

  • Do not dither the track

  • The track mix level should not exceeding 0 dBfs and be on a decent level

Send your files in a *.zip to with Or e-mail a dropbox link.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, paypal (+5% fee), iDeal or Creditcard (+5% fee)